Hey Guys, Merl Here.

Tom, also known as the Twitch Streamer & Content Creator, Merl, has been Creating online content since 2018 with a combined reach of over 300,000 across social media. Tom turned his childhood dream into a passion he strives for everyday through his content, Rising from Fortnite & Minecraft into now full-blown variety content with interactive features and a loyal community of his own



Twitch PogChamp Global Emote

In February 2021, Merl worked with Twitch to be one of the 35 Creators featured as the Global Emote “PogChamp” for 24 hours!

Twitch Partner

In June 2020, Merl became a Twitch Partnered Streamer, after maintaining 75 Average Viewers with the support of his Loyal Community backing him within a period of only 9 months!

Growth Of Merl

Over Merl’s period of taking content creation serious in late 2018, He’s achieved goals some dream of, achieving 100,000 Subscribers in only a year, claiming his Silver Plaque, Achieving a Reach of over 350,000 across his social medias as of 2021 Q2, Along with Working with many brands and franchises found below, all due to his professional attitude and understanding of himself being a fantastic promotion tool.

Brands that Merl has worked with

along with many more!

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